Alba Adriatica

" The Silver Beach "

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Alba Adriatica

The Hotel Excelsior is a cozy 3 star hotel located in Abruzzo, in the beautiful town of Alba Adriatica directly facing the sea. Our hotel is the best choice for those who come to Abruzzo for tourism and to enjoy its beach resorts, where you can find wide, sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, with a sandy bottom sloping gently towards the sea.

One of the most famous seaside resorts on the Abruzzo coast

Alba Adriatica, known as the Spiaggia d’Argento or Silver Beach, thanks to the beauty of its coastline, is the most known seaside spot in the coast of northern Abruzzo, offering large sandy beaches, a vast bike path system that crisscrosses the entire town, and a number of clubs, favorite meeting places for the people who come to Abruzzo to travel and have fun. But our apartments in Abruzzo are also ideally located to explore the surroundings of Alba Adriatica: quiet, charming country villages, the natural parks and reserves, and the majestic mountains of Abruzzo are only a short way away from the Hotel Excelsior in Alba Adriatica. Last but not least, not to be missed are the renowned country fairs and typical gastronomic festivals which take place in the Val Vibrata area, among which worth mentioning is Alba Carnaval, that you can enjoy directly from the balcony of your room at your Abruzzo accommodation.




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